Full Project List


  • DARK MATTER GARDEN installation for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. London. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis in Collaboration with Howard Miller.


  • DECEPTIVE LANDSCAPE research led installation in Liverpool. a3lab asterios Agkathidis &  A., Zhang, Y., Ye, Zhou, Wu, X.
  • DREAM VAULTS exhibition pavilion in London. Competition entry. a3lab asterios Agkathidis &  K. Chatziparaskevas


  • ROCK & WHEALS canopy structure for Flint music festival, Flint USA. Competition entry. a3lab asterios Agkathidis &  K. Chatziparaskevas


  • PIXEL3 exhibition design installation in the Tong Qi Gallery, Shanghai. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Bran Manning-Spintd


  • FOLD & STICK display wall installation in RDI Shanghai. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Ben Prasetya Tanutmaja
  • FOYER entrance interior for the WestendGate tower in Frankfurt. JBA & a3lab Asterios Agkathidis


  • DOKIMI sustainable hotel in Ikaria island, Greece, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis
  • MIND THE GAP apartment building in Thessaloniki, Greece, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis
  •  PARTAKE! Greek pavilion for the architecture biennial in Venice, competition entry, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Sophia Vyzoviti
  • PIRAEUS TOWER revitalization in Athens, competition entry. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & JBA


  • UP TO 35 student housing in Athens, competition entry, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & K. Chatziparaskevas
  • PRISMS municipal library for Chalastra, Thessaloniki, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis
  • WHITE CHAPEL family chapel on Kea Island , Greece. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis
  •  HOTEL butique hotel in Keramoti, Greece. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis


  • MOIRÉ facade revitalization of the WestendGate business center in Frankfurt. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis &JBA
  • VORONOI canopy for the WestendGate business center in Frankfurt a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & JBA
  •  LYDIA LITHOS new town hall for the city of Paphos in Cyprus, competition entry. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Johan Bettum.
  • CAMOUFLAGE facade recreation by the new acropolis museum, competition entry, runner up. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis
  • GREEK PAVILION for the architecture biennale in Venice, competition entry. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Sophia Vyzoviti


  • UNDER ONE ROOF orthopedic clinic in Hamm, Germany,  competition entry, 4th prize. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & JBA
  • THEATER OF IMMANENCE installation in the Portikus gallery, Frankfurt, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis.
  • POLIS housing complex in Thessaloniki, competition entry, 3d prize. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis &CHA
  •  3D ORNAMENT st Biennale of contemporary art in Thessaloniki, installation, a3lab Asterios Agkathidis.
  • MOSAIC central square in Kilkis, Greece.a3lab Asterios
    Agkathidis & Anouk Vogel


  • BY THE SEA housing complex, Evia, competition entry, 2nd prize. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & CHA
  •  PETRA holiday apartments in Ag. Athanasios, Greece. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & AB architects
  • GREEN CARPET interior, Thessaloniki. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Dimitra Agkathidou, Michalis Voutsas.
  • ON THE ROCKS University of Kaiserslautern, competition entry. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & CHA
  • TRANSITION housing complex in Athens, competition entry, runner up. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & CHA
  • 1M/500.000Y Gyeonggi-do Jeongok prehistory museum, competition entry, S. Korea. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & CHA


  •  NORDIC DELTA, Europan 8 competition entry, Hamar, Norway. a3lab Asterios Agkathidis & Markus Hudert
  • IJBURG, primary school, Amsterdam, the Netherlands for VMX architects 2004
  • V.M.B.O. school, Maastricht, the Netherlands for VMX architects
  • GERMAN PAVILLON for the biennale of art in Sao Paolo, Brasil. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.
  • MAGNUSTOWER office tower, Cologne. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.
  • SIEMENS housing complex in Munich, competition entry, runner up. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.


  • A NEW GARDEN FOR THE TOWN competition entry, 3d prize, Wuppertal. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Terraform LA.
  • CRYSTAL sports and cultural centre, competition entry, 1st prize, Holmbladsgrade, Copenhagen. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar + Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.
  • SPORTS & CULTURAL CENTER NORREBRO competition entry, 2nd prize, Norrebro, Kopenhagen. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar + Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.
  • STAGEMAKER Installation for “Bühne03”, Hamburger Kunstverein, Hamburg. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Björn Martenson.


  • PRESSURE OF HISTORY housing complex near the Frauenkirche, competition entry, 3d prise, Dresden. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Björn Martenson, Martin Kraushaar.
  • ZECHE REDEN re-vitalisation of old coal mine in Saarland. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Björn Martenson.
  • OYSTER SHELL DLR institute for vehicle conception, competition entry, 1st prize, Stuttgart. Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.


  • VULKAN loft & office building, Cologne, Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.
  • VIEW TO THE GREEN fabrication & office building, Cologne, Arno Brandlhuber & Asterios Agkathidis, Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar.


  • NEW PROMENADE FOR THESSALONIKI competition entry, 1st Prize for Cuomo & Nikiforidis.